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The dirt bike fuel injection is a totally different system than the RC8/LC8/LC4 models. Tune ECU doesn't support it, yet. Here's hoping they will sometime.

The US model EXC and XCW models are 'California Green Sticker Legal' which means they are closed maps, not open maps. You can replace the map with a Euro/Aust map which are Open Maps, also known as 'Un-Restricted Maps'. You can do this with the KTM XC1 tool, I don't know of any other software that can do this. Your dealer risks a $5000 fine if they do it. Somewhat dampens their enthusiasm.

Once you get an un-restricted map, then you can modify it with the KTM User Setting Tool. This is a $450 tool available from KTM NA. You can modify the accel richen, the timing, the fuel mix, etc, and completely screw it up. Also, it contains the other maps that the wild/mild map plugs will access.

Dat's the facts, Jack.
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