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Hey guys I got a question for ya'll...I just got my first bike (a '99 DR350se) a few months ago and want to get some new handlebars that will fit me better. I am 6'3" and so now when I stand up with the stock bars I am really hunched over, which is no bueno. I am about to make an order to rockymountainatvmc and was looking at the Tusk handlebars b/c I am already spending a lot on other stuff and saw that they make good bars for the price. The bend options they offer are; ATV Sport, CR High, CR Mid, KX High, Mini High, Raptor, and YZ High. Any suggestions? I did some research and saw that people like any of the highs or even the ATV bend...any help would be greatly appreciated, I am all ears!


I was just playing with my new to me DR350 tonight. I am 6'5 and added 3.5 inch Rox risers tonight. I like the pivoting action as it lets me adjust the crowded feel as well. It seemed like it took the cables to the limit. The PO had some fat bars and with some adjustments with the controls all will be fine.

On my xr650l I run the 3.5 risers and quad standard bend bars. This setup is perfect for me as I can stand straight up when riding across the desert sand. I did have to get custom cables. Cables get expensive.

I will be doing the same thing as you. I am trying the Rox risers and if not enought I will go with the quad bars as well and be forced into the custom cables.

Getting a proper riding position makes a world of difference. Good luck.

Side note- My DR has RM front end so I dont know if that makes it better or worse for available cable length
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