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Originally Posted by K_N_Fodder View Post
It's an interesting deal and one that I simply can't fathom why isn't a BIGGER deal in this country. I'm very glad to be part of it, even if barely hanging on after another 11 hour work day. Thanks a bunch you guys and gals, it's going to be weird when it's over.
Very well said K_N. It echoes what I think most of the F5team also feels. Those of us that have been tracking Dakar for any length of time know the excitement during and somewhat empty feeling once it's over.

As to why it's not bigger in the USA, it's not a surprise to most of us here. I think it's basically a corporate thing. Rally is is not a big money supported sport; even enduro, most of the desert races and even motocross barely make news. Football, baseball, basketball and NASCAR are the money makers and the sponsored athletes. I'll wager almost nobody in the USA knows Robbeeeee Gooordon races the Dakar, but most know him from NASCAR. Jonah and the few other American racers that have tried Dakar have all struggled with support. Dakar might get big in the USA if they held the race here (yeah, right) There are others here who can get into far more detail than I can about motorcycle racing in the USA but otherwise it's a dedicated small group of die-hard fanatics that keeps the Dakar and Rally fire going.
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