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Here is the daily update from Ingo's wife

Hi all

Did anyone watch on TV last night .. mmmm or was it the night b4- how they explained the tracking system? Soooo wish they would have shown that, in the beginning of the race. If i had known that it updates it’s self every 5min.. i would have been a bit kinder to my keyboards refresh and enter buttons.

I dunno what Ingo did today...but me- likey likey.. he got up to the 40’s and stayed there, from WP to WP.

For those that don’t know.. the fall that David Reeve had yesterday- caused him to break his shin bone. ( ouuuuch) he is being flown out to Johannesburg where they will operate and put a pin in his leg ( ouch ouch ouch) it’s so -not “lekker” that this happened to him..and with the finish so close.

Darryl Curtis had a bad fall yesterday as well.. hurting his shoulder badly and his back and arm. News I got last night- was that he probably would be out of the race.. but didn’t want to say anything I had a good feeling that he would “fight” this rally to the end. They apparently “strapped “ him up ..and he was gonna try tackle today’s stage. Just finishing the Dakar- you are a winner.. so let’s hope and pray that he makes it.

Riaan Van Niekerk is still up with the top 20 riders and is making it look like a walk in the park. He sent Zoe birthday wishes and good luck for her 1st day of school... well my little tough tomboy- turned into a blushing shy –happy chick. She thinks the world of Riiaaaaaan ( as she says it) and was taken aback when she heard that Gilly was going to the Dakar to help the guys out.. and her thought on it, was- we should go that when Gilly sleeps and stuff she could help the guys ( think she meant JUST to be Riaans pit crew... bugger the other “guys”)

Brett is also doing so so well.. he went from the back of the pack ( after towing his team mate ) and is now th overall. Glenn – who fell out of the race in the early still following the race with the service team.. and I have a sneaky feeling he is making every minute count. Who wouldn’t.... i am sure just being there and amongst everyone in this amazing race must be as good ( ok ok maybe not) as actually taking part

At this stage 54 bikers are out .... oi oi.. gotta stop here.. just saw Ingo is in at the finish in 43rd position... ok.. my first little victory dance on my chair- for this year. J
Oi.. ok.. that was a bit of “all at once” soon as i saw he was in- he phoned..
Jesses.. we got a hiding today he said.. was 300km of enduro kind of racing. My knees are so sore.. i can’t stand or sit---after riding in that bend position- whew it was tough
There were ALOT of dunes and I actually got a bit scared of some of them .. they aren’t like our dunes- you get one dune and on that are lank small dunes, covered with vegetation. So I had to either zig zag through them...or to over them. Was all tiring.
Now i just need to rest and give my knees some rest too.
He also said he had his first proper fall yesterday (clever bum only telling me 24 hours later) but nothing serious..just “clipped a rock” with my front wheel.
“i got a feeling tomorrow is gonna be tough...” i think “they” (the organisers) think we think -cause its only two more days.. they gonna go easy on us. I will take it easy and take it as it comes.
And then his sat phone cut out....
From right now... ppllls don’t change.. Ingo came in 43rd for the day.. bringing him up to 46th overall..and currently 2nd in the marathon stage.:J J J

Tomorrows stage is the last of the dunes in this year’s race-with 294km being the connection and 441km being the race stage-totally in 735km ride.
The organisers again warned ahead...saying the wide tracks that the riders will ride on towards the end of the stage, conceal stones- which can shatter dreams.

Okie dokie everyone.. for once i have this all kla to send out before the actual TV coverage... and i see i still have time to watch Revenge before 22h30 Dakar coverage.

Over and out
T U & F X
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Lisa and Zoe
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