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Dedicated small group...

Originally Posted by cyborg View Post
As to why it's not bigger in the USA, I think it's basically a corporate thing. It's a dedicated small group of die-hard fanatics that keeps the Dakar and Rally fire going.
+100 there CY.

And why I relate to this all... because it's not an event for the every man. As I certainly am not. Although I wish there was more sponsorship money to support riders in their quest to pursue their Dakar destiny. I must admit I'm glad the Dakar is without US corporate influence.

Because if it was heavily influenced by the US, then the whole Rally would be judged not by how hard core the terrain should be, but rather how many spins, tricks and silly named manuevers could be performed on the same Dune over, and over, and over.

Unfortunately, that's how narrow minded the US corporate TV network culture is. And that's not even mentioning the legal suing culture looking to find an opportunity to place blame and leach money.

With all the ASO's overly ambitious logistics and "home court" nuances... They still have committed to the philosophy I relate with most in a competitive event. This race is not about tricks, spins or silly repetitive manuevers, thank god. In my humble view, this event is about raw courage, true character and total dedication... competing in the most difficult physically, mentally and terrestrially challenging race in existence.

I'm happy to be of a select few who appreciate an event that's not for everybody. And I'm happy that there is a small select group of fanatics whom I can relate with and share this experience as fans, brethren and virtual participants year after year.
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