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Sounds like you are just plain ... old.
Why not get over it that it's no longer the time of ugly round headlights, unergonomic seats, aircooled visible engines and in generel outdated technology like steel tube frames and carburators... and buy a Hornet/CB/NC/XJ/MT/FZ/GSR/Gladius.
None of them fits in one of your hated predetermined personal identities.

Don't get me wrong, I do well understand that you want the retro style you where grown up with, decorated your cave walls with, carved into your school stone tablets, but please don't bullshit about "predetermined personal identities" or "not looking cool" only because something doesn't fit your - not cool at all - nostalgia.

Originally Posted by Josephvman View Post
I can't stand the whole "transformer" look of most of today's bikes, but apparently somebody thinks that's what people want.
I played with transformers as a kid, so maybe loving the style (and the movies) is my nostalgia.
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