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Originally Posted by KG6BWS View Post
Going to be doing fork seals tomorrow. Last time i did them, I used the FAQ, disassembling them completely and cleaning them out.

Does anyone know if I can do a quick one by just ramming a screwdriver thru the seal and ripping it out?? Or is that bushing in the way??

Ive done a lot of seals on engines and transmissions that way, just dont know if the bushing sits too close behind the seal to let that work...

While Im at it...on my KLR, which has a schraeder valve in the fork cap, I changed seals by airing them up until the seals blew out. Was thinking of having valves put in the caps on my Dakar for that, and tuning, reasons. Any thoughts on whether or not that would work?? Seems to me that the forks on the two bikes are similar enough that it should.

Originally Posted by tomatoe333 View Post
I'd say that you'd be running a huge risk of scratching or damaging the fork tubes by doing it that way. I'd suggest doing it the "right way" and disassembling the forks.
I concur... it's not a biggy to strip them. On one particullar effort I happened to be on a mission ( to make a ride start time)and stripped and rebuilt both legs in 35min in a workshop environment... normal time is usually around one hour not including slipping them off the bike.

They were not this dirty though

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