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Originally Posted by TAMPAJIM View Post
Unrelated to the discussion but still about the instrument pod, does anybody know if the silver trim ring can be detached from the pod without damage. I want to paint it black as I don't like the visual distraction,
Currently have black electrical tape on it but that only lasts for 6 months before it starts peeling off.

Asked the tech at the dealer but they don't ever go into the pod, just replace the whole unit if there are any problems, of which there have been almost none.

The silver trim ring should come off ok, with a bit of persistence/leverage. I know since I have bought a Tiger 800 project that has a damaged speedo (with part of the silver trim ring missing). It looks like it just presses into the speedo face but with some clips at regular intervals round it. I'll try and take a photo over the weekend if you like.

... and if you do take it off ... can I have it? ;)

p.s. I need a new face for mine. It comes off easily with just 6 screws but Triumph don't sell the just face as a part just a complete speedo for 700+. They say they are tied by the mfr who won't sell it separately like they used to on older models
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