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Originally Posted by K_N_Fodder View Post
I tell you guys,


Thanks a bunch you guys and gals, it's going to be weird when it's over. Now, time to do my workout (ugh), get to bed, and do it all over again...
Well said, thanks for sharing!

A few days ago a friend of mine looked at me and asked, what's wrong. I could barely speak and had to answer, that a rider of the DAKAR died in an accident. Someone I never met but still I was almost crying. My friend didn't know anything about DAKAR but asked and was interested in the stories. I met her 3h later again and then I had to asked what was wrong. She could only answer that she is sad because a rider died in the DAKAR. She doesn't understand why she was sad.

--> We are riders. Most of us are kind and nice people. Helping each other is quite natural for us. And that is a part of riding I really like ...

RIP Thomas Bourgin
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