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Romania and Ukraine 2013

An Inmate (exotesthrasouden) and I are planning a 3 week trip through Romania and Ukraine starting on May 19th.

If you want to join us for, both for parts, and also the entire trip, we'd love to hear from you.

We're taking the autozug from Hamburg, Germany to Villach Austria the first day. This is because we'd like to cover good distance and it's a bit boring riding German Autobahns. And we move while we sleep.

Next day, we're riding into Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia. Depending on the mood, we're either riding backroads (both paved and gravel), or we may just spend the day covering as must distance as possible, heading directly to Belgrade, Serbia.

When we hit Romania, we will probably take the route along the Danube River through the Iron Gates. Then north on the 66A, which offers a lot of great gravel and scenery. We'll try to find road 664, which should offer great gravel on the top of the mountains, which takes us south. East a bit, then the Transalpina north, some mountain gravel/dirt roads east. This is late May, so snow in high altitudes may be an issue. We'll see.

We'll try to hit the old trade route on the Tabla Butii, that offers great scenic gravel roads. From there, it is east towards Ukraine. We will have to ride through Moldova for a short distance to get there, but once in Ukraine, we'll ride along the Black Sea coast towards Odessa. This will most likely be gravel. From Odessa we'll ride towards Crimea along backroads until we hit Yalta and Swallow's Nest. This where we return. A detour along the strip of land towards the Sea Of Azov (gravel). Then north of Moldova (still in Ukraine) towards the Carpathian Mountains, where we will try to ride some mountain gravel roads. Finally, we'll go to L'viv.

After L'viv we'll head back south again to enter Slovakia, and eventually Czech Republic and Prague, where we'll celebrate the end of a great trip.

Although we are looking for gravel, we're not looking for anything hardcore. We're riding GS (800 and 1200), so there's a limit to how rough and fast we ride on gravel and dirt. But we prefer gravel over highway.

We are planning to stay at B&B, low budget hotels, or similar. If available and affordable, we prefer single rooms so we can snore and fart in private. That said, we don't mind sharing, it's more if the option is available. We are undecided on whether to bring camping gear. There's plenty of accommodation options available where we're going. Camping gear will just be for backup. We may end up only bringing a sleeping bag, just in case.

The trip is about riding, so the intentions are to ride everday, but if we hit anything of particular interest, we may want to stay longer. We keeping options open.

Generally we like to get started early and be on the move at around 9 am (depending on readiness ;-)) and then call it a day somewhere around 6pm. By then, we (based on tracks from last year's ride in the area), we would have been moving for about 5 hours and stopped for 4 hours (average). We stop to refuel, eat, taking pictures, etc. We may stop for more, if there's something of interest, or less, if not. We do have a great number of POI's that is worth a visit.

When the day is over (riding wise), and we're found a place to stay for the night, the routine is likely to be gettign a shower, eating, drinking, check out the local night life.

If you want to join us, we'd love to have you with us. Reply or send a PM, if you want to know more. General input and suggestions are much appreciated as well.


Here's a rough outline of the route:
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