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Originally Posted by Speedo66 View Post
I think he's referring to the venders, which seem to be heavily slanted towards the pirate crowd. Each one is mostly leather crap, and they all seem to have the same stuff.

Lets face it, there are 6 of them for every one of us. Hopefully, Starbucks will have a booth right next to Touratech so you can sip a half-caff, carmel gluten-free soy latté while you peruse the back-ordered farkles.
If you're looking for a helmet, Arai and Shoei usually have a stand where you can try on all their different models for size and shape. Then order it on line of course for the best price.
That's good news. First time here, and I need a fog-free nose piece and a pair of 25MM cheek pads for my new(est) helmet.
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