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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
Man, I am also glad you're OK.....but beyond that:

I ride in Phoenix AZ, no worse place, IMO to ride surface streets! When I pull up to a light, I "always" point my bike to an escape route (between the cars stopped in front of me) the largest opening available. I'm always "in first gear", never in neutral and watching my mirrors until at least two vehicles have stopped behind me. Should I see someone not slowing/stopping in a timely manner, I can "squirt" in between lanes and hopefully avoid being a metal sandwich. Call me paranoid if you want; but so far it's worked.

With all the "distracted" drivers we need to deal with.....I can't think of a better strategy. Again, best wishes and glad you weren't hurt.
+1 on this, the first trick I learned when transitioning from dirt riding/racing was to watch the mirrors! If bikes are largely invisible to cagers from the front with lights blazing, etc. they are completely invisible from the deaf-dumb-blind A-holes from behind, regardless how many cool stickers you have on the side and top cases. I've had to step out of the way a few times; some close calls, but no hits from behind yet.

Glad you're OK, you got off pretty easily, sounds like.

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