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Originally Posted by Longboardr View Post
I've got not exactly a welding question but you should be the right group of guys to ask.

I'm looking for a portable rig I can use for those times when I'm in the middle of tearing something down and need to get a fastener red hot. Taking a motorcycle to work's oxy/act rig isn't always feasible when it's half torn down and getting the resulting broken off bolts out has not a bit of fun.

Is a portable oxy/acetylene rig the most sensible choice? Recommendations for a red hot rig?
I had a similar problem, my 4x4 building has gotten to the point where I had to have the ability to quickly remove stuck or stripped fasteners. I kept an eye out on craigslist and found a portable oxy/acetylene torch for 50 bones.

Something you may want to consider: oxy/propane. You will be able to use the same torch and will be able to get fuel gas easily at any place that sells propane for bbq grills. You won't be able to weld with it, but it actually cuts faster than acetylene and is much safer to store in a residential setting.

With very little practice you will be able to heat to red hot, and if necessary, 'wash away' the bits of steel you don't want. I have actually saved a few bolts by washing off the stuck nut without damage to the threads.

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