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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Very few people seem to freight bikes from Central Asia... is that maybe because, well, it´s “central”, so you´re not hitting any sea shore? My friend had an accident there a few years ago, and he had to freight his bike back (from Kazakhstan, if I remember correct). Thought it was a pain to arrange, and cost a small fortune, though I haven´t heard the numbers.

Also sending to India could be interesting. I´ve sent out of India by air, and I assume that could be a bit easier than sending in. But it was still a lot of work, the customs I mean! Think I´d much rather send to Kathmandu Nepal, many travellers send bikes betweeen Kathmandu and Bangkok, and reports are generally good.

BTW, your bike goes as fast as you´ll ever need to go in Pakistan or India... I´m not so sure, that your low top speed would really be the factor, that´ll prevent you teaming up with others to do the short bit through China to Pakistan.
Yes I should have said more specifically Nepal, having flown my bike out of there in the past know it is fairly straightforward.
I know my Honda XR125 will be an ideal bike for India but was concerned that the road in China was pretty good and my 70-80 kph cruising speed would not be enough, I have since been told guided trips travel at quite a steady speed and this should not be a problem, I am also looking into sharing a guide across to Pakistan.
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