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Originally Posted by kantuckid View Post
These fuel additive threads are starting to smell like oil threads!
I wish someone would "truly unravel" ( my phrasing for using real scientific knowledge combined with pro level wrenching skills) the question of if and how you treat stored 10% fuel to not cause the problems that -YES!- do actually happen to fuel lines filters,fuel pumps,floats,carb. diaphragms,etc..I live where & how I need a chain saw ready to go all the time & that's just one version of the issue of gas storage aside from the seasonal MC one.
I have now read here & other threads as to how every fuel additive is actually some commonly available "other stuff" such as kerosene,naptha & other various goop. That doesn't mean that "branded cures" don't work but do cost lots more of course.
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and take your time answering while I run after some STP...
Read post #6...... This Vino sat for 8 mos. in NM heat. A 2 stroke 50cc like your saw. 2 kicks and ran great. It's not expensive if you follow the directions! One bottle lasts a really long time when you use a capful. If it works it works. Who cares if it is made from liquified dog poop or whatever?
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