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I wish my school had taught us two or three other languages right alongside english when we were first starting school. Studies seem to say that little kids learn languages much easier than do teens, say, and for sure easier than adults. But you can't really become fluent in another language here in America, I don't think. We don't have France, Germany, Italy or Spain nearby. The best we can do probably is French Canada and Chinatown in NYC or San Francisco, or the zone just north of the southern border! So even if we had years and years of language schooling, we'd only be fluent in the schoolbook version, not the way people actually speak on their home turf because we don't have the opportunity to practice speaking with native speakers. Also I suspect that here in America foreign languages are taught as an academic discipline but in Europe they might be taught more for everyday use because Europe is a place of many native languages? I was discussing this with a young woman who teaches French in high school here. She was very knowledgeable about how "street French" is actually spoken but I'll bet she doesn't get to teach it to her students. When I see her again I'll ask her.
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