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Just before Kansk we stopped for gas. As we pulled to a stop we saw another bike there. It was a BMW R1150 GS with funny plates. We got our helmets of and said hello. Then we met Jacob.

Jacob was on his way to Vladivostok and then USA. He came from Israel and had just retired from what used to be called Mossad. He was a man of many words and now on his way around the world. We asked if he would ride with us to Irkutsk. That he would. The Trans Sibir eXpedition 2012 now counted four bikes for a short time.

I ran into Jacob (given name Doron) in Whitehorse in September. As y'all say, he's very much the loquacious guy. He's working his way around the world and maintaining a blog, though I've unfortunately lost the link to it He had a pretty aggressive schedule, and by my recollection he would likely be near Tierra del Fuego or beyond (I think Africa was next) by now.

Here's a pic of Doron/Jacob with another world rider, in Whitehorse.

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World-riders: Kornelius and Doron.

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