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Originally Posted by officerleroy View Post
WTF are you talking about?? The V7 guzzi's and all of the triumph modern-retro thruxton/scrambler/bonnie's add up to a pretty good amount of new bikes that fit the "no plastics, exposed engine, tubular steel frame" bill. Ducati did the same thing a few years ago with their sport classics. Seen Honda's new CB1100 yet? I doubt it. Every major manufacturer has a standard bike as well, ie: SV650, FZ6, CB500, etc. Then theres the more aggresive nakeds like the ducati streetfighters, monsters, hypers. I could go on and on...

I don't even really know why I'm taking time to explain this. It seems like you're too busy making sweeiping generaliztions while hangin with your skinny-jeans hipster commune to stop and actually look around at what's out there. Maybe a little more time riding these newer bikes and a little less time "making bikes look cool" and you'll figure it out.
Originally Posted by Mattna View Post
I'm an industrial designer and I have the opinion that basically all new bikes are too ugly to seriously desire. I cant find one modern bike that fits in to my sense of self and my style. Every bike that's not a Harley is covered in acres of wildly styled plastic parts. Guys I know want a bike with a steel tube frame, a visible engine and carbs, and no plastic on it. Maybe the triumph 900 scrambler is close. If manufacturers would Remake old aircooled 500-750 cc bikes with modern reliability and they will sell. To be a biker in America, it's like you have to chose from a small group of predetermined personal identities. An aggressive sport biker with chrome nazi helmet, a tattooed, america-first classic rock cruiser shitkicker, old fart on a goldwing, a yuppie dick on a ducati, or a potbellied adventure rider with a GS, multicolor onesie and huge luggage. Where's the cb750 standard you can just take out for a ride without telling everyone you're some kind of exceptionalist douchebag? That's why I founded a communal garage where my buddies can buy old bikes and make them look really cool. You can't make a 2013 Bike look cool, you just can't. So how am I supposed to drop $8k on something that I hate looking at?
You mean like me?? Im a 31 year old gun-toting, America-first, rides-like-a-dick-when-I-commute white male who wears black overpants and a gray jacket, while riding a 650GS. Oh yeah, and Ive got tat's and usually sport a beard that Im told makes me look like either Charles Manson or Grizzly Adams.

My first truck had points and a carburetor. NO I do not miss them!! While I dont mind having a carb'd bike, I love the FI on my Dakar. No muss, no fuss. I just ride it. Sure some think its ugly as hell, but Im very much function over fashion. Dont give a shit what it looks like, because I love the way it looks and thats the only opinion that counts.

The problem with the motorcycle industry these days isnt ugly bikes, or some weird notion of predetermined identities. Its the fact that the economy is in the toilet. Especially for younger people, work is scarce and cost of living has gone way up compared to older generations. We're just at a low point. The industry isnt doomed. This slump cant last forever. Eventually things will get better, people will have more disposable money and you'll see toys being bought again. And yes, here in the U.S. bikes are more or less toys. We dont use them for serious transportation compared to the rest of the world. And yes, I do know that many, including myself, ride daily/commute via bike but compared to our total population, its a very small percentage.

I dont have the numbers, nor know where to find them, of how good or bad its actually doing, the motorcycle industry isnt doomed....not by a long shot.
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