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Originally Posted by BobbySands View Post
I would be careful indicting the entire field. Keep in mind the cost for doping was generally covered by the rider, and in the case of US Postal it was in the realm of 10,000 USD to start.

Certainly the contenders were doping in some why and probably top 50 riders out of 200? Just guessing here. A lowly domestique won't have the dosh to dope like the big boys. I suppose in the Tour it will probably be much higher since that gets most press.
Too many small timers have been busted for me to believe it was financially out of reach for anyone in the pro peleton.

Google 'Chuck Coyle', I used to lead him out when we were cat 5s. I am pretty sure that he never made much more than $40k / year from racing. There may have been some access issues but Joe Papp pretty much ensured that anyone in the US who wanted EPO could get it.
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