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Originally Posted by ValuePack View Post
Of note:

I *will* buy the coffee table book, and *will* buy the novel. Hell, I'd still chip in even if they were about the proper way to sort marbles, so long as the words are your own! Not the iPad edition however, I digitally rot my eyes out enough as it is.

Thanks for everything, AH. Let us know when you're ready for our money. Ha!
Marble-sorting, lol. Would make for some nice pictures, though. ;)

Hard-copy books are still in progress....soon....soon.....

For now: On to LA!

I've been through a few bad storms, but the one I hit leaving DV for LA was definitely the most dangerous of the trip. The road the old dude warned me about was filled with large pools of standing water. I tried to maintain a balance between riding fast enough to not freeze to death and 'slow' enough to avoid hydroplaning spectacularly to my death. Apparently I error'd on my estimation of how slow 'slow enough' was and came as close to catastrophe as one can get. Once out on a main highway, the monsoon continued, but instead of just worrying about me losing all traction I had to worry about 3-4 lanes of traffic doing the same. Being near invisible in the gray-out conditions didn't help. Were it not for vigilance, Ducati ABS and Traction Control I might have not accomplished one of the goals I set when I first began the ride report (don't end up in the morgue).

Things dried out eventually and I made it to Irvine, where I warmed my bones in the hotel shower and washed away the post-traumatic stress.

While out scavenging for dinner I found the shot that captures the picturesque, radiant and 'devoid-of-people' side of LA I like so much (a difficult combination to find, but it's there):

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