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Originally Posted by aeneas View Post
Originally Posted by 250senuf
Given the number of phtotographers, I'd guess a local photography club..
I have a hobby as a professional photographer. Sometime this past summer, there was a BBQ/meet-and-greet type of event for some of the local area models and photographers. Just a chance to network more than anything. I had just bought a 1956 Kodak Retina III camera on eBay, and used the event to mess around with that some. I had just finished shooting two other models on the bike (along with the roll of 35mm) and walked back to the BBQ area where my bag was to change out film and get a burger. While I'm eating, someone walks up to me and asks if I told anyone else if it was okay to shoot on my bike, because others had started doing it too. I walked out of the gazebo, saw the scene in the pic above, shrugged, and said yeah it's fine. I already had my the pics I wanted, but liked the scene I saw, so I snapped it with my phone and thought I'd use it one day.

Here's you one that I shot of my two models.

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