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What's the worst part of the trip?

The moment when you've turned your wheels toward home. That is, unless you've had the good fortune to be able to finish the whole dammed continent and moved onto the next one and kept going and just kept on going in that direction until you've been all the way around. In which case screw you because that would be awesome.

anyways. The experience we had in Cabo was being swamped by tourists who had no intention of leaving the resort property. Not only that, many of them were consistently rude to the staff. Disgusted by this, we packed up a day early and got back on the bike and turned out wheels toward home for the first time.


our first day heading back we really kind of just went for it. We got on the road early and made it to near La Paz before lunch so we just gassed up and headed toward Loreto.

for the return trip we took significantly less pics on the road.....because A) we were going back the same way and B) lets face it, most of it looks the same.

I probably already said this once, but it bears repeating. The road from Cuidad Insurgentes to Mulege is an astonishingly beautiful ride. I've already done it twice and its still on my bucket list.

we stayed in Loreto one more night.

we said goodbye to the friends we had met there, did one more round of Karaoke and took off.....

you get so close to the water sometimes that it seems as if you can drag your boot in the water

we really wanted to camp on the beach somewhere in here but it just wasnt in the cards. Next time for sure.

I really wanted to stop and get the obligatory photo, but I missed it

the ol' GS turned 80k right under my nose!

I cant think of a better place to turn 80k on a bike

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
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