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Originally Posted by zoid View Post
Joined the club November of 2012. Shattered the right clavicle, shattered one rib, and broke seven other ribs. The clavicle is my entry ticket. When I see the surgeon tomorrow, I'll see if I can get some pictures of it.

The next time I go deer hunting, I'm going to use a rifle, not a DR 650.
Can't blame mine on bambi (well i suppose her name coulda been Bambi) but my left clavicle was shattered In November. See post 45 and it'll give you an idea what yours looks like.You did however beat me by two off I gotta tell ya Its takin' some gettin' used to. There just not much between the screwheads and the atmosphere....Anyway mines comin' along pretty well, I finished P.T. last week and i'd say its 90% but a got a feelin' that last 10 is gonna come tough. Hope yours does as well
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