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That's part of it, too, KG6. Some people are in it strictly for the image. The guys that take a perfectly functioning motorcycle, make it rigid framed, put clip-ons on it, and generally make it less comfortable (and you get an idea how far they actually ride, if they ride it at all), and run worse than it did, strictly for some image they are trying to live out. Same with a lot of the Adventure guys. Gotta have that GS, big aluminum bags, all the little lights and guards, GPS, Spot finder, roll charts, map holders, ADV stickers all over it, and for all you guys that actually do ride the adventure ride, I guess it's kind of a compliment, that these poseurs are trying to appear like you. But a whole industry has popped up, whether ADV, cafe, sport bike, chopper, whatever, many, many, people are in it strictly for the look they want to achieve.
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