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Originally Posted by ph0rk View Post
Does a bike need to send out light in a 360 degree cone in front of it, or does it need to send out light a little on the ground, more in a straight line, and a bit to the sides, with more light on the right side than the left?

Some funky winged wedge looking thing would seem to be the best reflector setup for that design goal.
I get what you're saying, but bear in mind over a third of the people in the world drive on the left. Any touring bike that will be crossing multiple borders really needs a symmetric headlight IMO. One of the things I like about bikes over cars for tours is that there's no "wrong side of the road" penalty. Try driving a Right-side Drive car in a country where they drive on the right (or vice versa) and aside from really struggling to see properly at junctions, you'll have to attach ugly temporary stickers to screen off your lights to prevent blinding other driver and your headlights will tend to be less effect than a native model of the same car as a result.
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