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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post

If I move out of MA and it's still legal I'm getting one of those or a 22 TCM 1911

Speaking of which has anyone seen either of those guns for sale (new preferably) around VA? After telling my father about those guns he's been trying to find them.
I can't find ammo for the fucking thing anywhere up here. My brother has two cases sitting in his store he is sending me.

From my limited understanding, they are a bitch to find in the MD area. My brother has been looking for one for quite some time with no luck. He wanted to punch me when I sent him a picture of me buying it. If it were me I would look on gun broker after the madness simmers down. I got mine for about a grand. I have seen them selling for 2k+. That is stupid money. They list for about 1k and at most I would pay about 1300 if I really wanted it.

The real question is, when it gets warmer out, why don't you come up to NH and play with all the fun toys not allowed in MA?
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