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Originally Posted by Ragin Rabbi View Post

I walk up to the charcoal grey (not sure of the real name of the color, not quite silver, not quite black, didn't look too bad) and begin looking it over. Looks small. Not really small, but sport-bike small, short? Make sense?

I ask if I can throw a leg over it, and get the "Of course".. Seat was on the lowest position and that felt a bit odd, but obviously can be fixed. It was when I went to sit it up off of the side stand that everything very nearly went pear-shaped. I almost threw the bloody thing onto its side. THIS WAS NOT INTENDED!!!!

I was able to put it up on the center-stand (obviously very easy with all the missing fluids and battery) and sit on it. We put the seat to its' highest setting, and no. It didn't work for me. BUT, I am willing to chalk this up to familiarity and so will withhold final judgement.
The bikes are shipped with the batteries in them, just not connected. I'd expect the oil to be in too, but don't know for sure. Seem to recall motors are run in during assembly. At least enough to check for leaks, etc. So the bike may only have been missing fuel, despite what the sales guy said.

The Super Ten wears it's weight well, and rides like a lighter bike than the GS, or at least I thought so. Engine on the GS is smoother, but compared to new, the S10 will smooth our more after break in too.

The bike goes up on the center stand very easily w/o bags. If you've been on those Germanic models for some time, you'll be surprised what has changed in the world. It's really cool now, they have water cooling! Not just water run thru some of the oil lines.
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