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Originally Posted by Dirty bike View Post
The bikes are shipped with the batteries in them, just not connected. I'd expect the oil to be in too, but don't know for sure. Seem to recall motors are run in during assembly. At least enough to check for leaks, etc. So the bike may only have been missing fuel, despite what the sales guy said.

The Super Ten wears it's weight well, and rides like a lighter bike than the GS, or at least I thought so. Engine on the GS is smoother, but compared to new, the S10 will smooth our more after break in too.

The bike goes up on the center stand very easily w/o bags. If you've been on those Germanic models for some time, you'll be surprised what has changed in the world. It's really cool now, they have water cooling! Not just water run thru some of the oil lines.

I only had the sales guy to go on. I'll take your word on the battery.

Hoiking the GS up on the center stand is a bit of a pull, but I've grown accustomed to it.

I'm not really in the market, just wanted to try it out, you know? I can't see me getting rid of the GS, 79,000 without a hitch, just routine maintenance? C'mon, what's not to love?

Actually, I bought it used, the PO did the clutch and the splines, so I've gotten it in possibly better shape then had I bought it new. But it has been a great all arounder, and a blast to ride.

Like I said, I think the S10 is a great looking bike, and from all accounts a great riding one, but I'm happy with what I got. And the fact that mine is paid for, just can't see going in debt. I WILL ride this thing (or the next one they get in), but buy? I doubt.

Plus, SWMBO will have full veto power, and I am pretty sure what her say in the matter would be.
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