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UPDATE PCX 150 Surprised theis scooter doesnt get more atttention on here. It really is a nice scooter. ... . PCX is really worth considering if you want to get your feet wet and spend under 4 K- . I never figured out the hook thingy under the seat for the helmet--it fits under the seat- yes- but sometimes circumstances call for hanging it off the hook. I bent it upwards a tad to enable hanging it on the hook. it works but finesse required to get the helmet strap "D" ring over it. The engne light came on 2 times in the 3100 miles ive ridden it so far. suspect light is temp related. followed the manual, set for 5 min and drove off-- no issues. The cooleant level appears normal..The fasterners Honda uses for the misc. removable plastic covers-- "screws" appear to be nothing more than plastic pins that will dissapear all too easily. looking it over it does seem odd there is a thin rubber drain hose hanging out the bottom with the end factory pinched sealed. dont know what to make of that ... I secretly (or not) so secretly look at other, larger motorcycles but truthfully, this thing meets 98% of my commuting and pleasure riding needs. Id like to have a biggger beast in the garage due to testosterone level but reality is one bike or the other will just collect dust .Also wonder how much difference a windscreen will make? The cold weather we have now is keeping me off it plus I have my mama's geo prism to drive ..... As for the Metropolitan, well, the wife is ready for a bigger ride so, not sure what to do, I guess keep it and get a vespa for her or maybe her buddie with 35 motorcycles in garage has something she'd like... ....She's gotta be retro cool nevertheless...
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