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My low fuel light went on yesterday on the way in at 240 miles. I filled it up today at 254 miles just after the last bar went away, taking 6.55 gallons. (38.8mpg - all city miles)

It always has two gallons left when the low fuel light comes on, I usually have more miles on the odo. Recently it's been in the low 20F temps in the morning, 30's and 40's afternoon.

On road trips I've gone over 320 miles a few times, never come within a gallon of being empty if it holds 8.45 actual.

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So, last night ended up being a bit of an experiment. My low fuel light came on during my ride into work and 1 bar was showing on the gauge. I figured I'd stop on my way home and fill up. was a long day and I just wanted to head for the barn, so I bypassed the stations on my home and pulled into the garage with no bars showing and 41 miles since the low fuel light had come on. This morning I finally fueled up at a station near my house and filled it right to the top......7.3 gallons, 42 miles since the light came on. That means I still had another 1+ gallons in the tank for yet another 35-40 miles. 260 miles were showing on the trip for that tank, so the range looks to be around 300 miles of "all roads" riding (surface streets to 75mph + freeway blasting).

My question to you other Stelviites (tm) : Do you have approx. 2 gallons left when your low fuel light comes on?

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