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I have an old Mac 10-10 that sits in my storage shed unused for years at a time. After 5 years of NO use , it recently started on the second pull .... two stroke oil is the only additive in the 5+ year-old gas.
When we have people bragging about a Mac saw being easy to start its time to head for the fridge... Seriously, there is a reason that loggers & farmers pretty much universally walked away from Mac & Homelite saws.
I was sincere in my saw comments-ask a small engine repair shop what sort of repairs they get these days from 10% fuel. By the same token , Everything that is sold to enhance fuel storage seems to be something common and sort of a "repackage" sort of thing with a new price point? Honest appraisal of what I've read so far here & many other similar threads.
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