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Brake Stuff

So today Luke worked on the rear brakes, first on the agenda was to find a brake pedal.

Here is the brake pedal and pivot pin off one of the old SL350's up in the loft (Luke had already cut the lever off the pin before I could get a picture);

Luke test fit the pedal and then modifed to curl up and under the custom footpeg (note the kick start lever is different than what was shown yesterday, this one is most likely off another old 350 twin, we pulled it out of a junk box);

Luke has now fabbed a bracket to mount the master cylinder;

Luke creating the actuating lever to go on the backside of the pivot pin to operate the master cylinder;

Luke building a new clevis to extend the reach from master cylinder to actuating lever;

Nice work Luke!

A functional brake system in one afternoon!

What would John Penton do?
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