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Originally Posted by TwoTiredRiders View Post
RideAbout...I think two stroke oil must stabilize the fuel. I read that on a bottle of two stroke oil one time.
That's cool about your chain saw starting that easily. My Stihl PRO 026 or whatever it is never starts without a shot of ether. Runs great otherwise. All my other 2T suff starts right up but not that darn saw!
I use Stabil or startron now even in my 2T fuel just because I worry about shit like that.
I heard fuel in a plastic jug loses octane rapidly. Not so much in a metal can.
Wonder if the Stabil and Startron stop that octane loss like they claim too.
I'm certainly no chemist but fail to see how 2 cycle oil stabilizes water in 10% fuels? It sure doesn't prevent issues in my machines & many others. Diaprhagms last way less than in the past.
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