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Originally Posted by BobbySands View Post
The more I listen to him the angrier I get.

He's still a tool and I don't think for a minute he has started to understand just how awful a human being he is.

I thought maybe I'd be impressed by something-- anything he said. But that did not happen.

All those clips they showed-- the times when he was lying his bollocks off and being an ass on top of it, then they cut back to him and he has no emotion.

I don't believe for a minute that he didn't dope when he came back. I think the statute of limitations has more to do with that timely claim than reality.
Tygart stated emphatically that his bio passport showed doping in 09 and 10.

Funny, Lance said he would not have been caught if he did not come back. That is a backhanded admission as any that he knew there was a chance he could get popped. Boy, pop he did.
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