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So you think it'd be easy to do Dakar media, eh?

Originally Posted by Resist View Post
Lots of people on here ahead of me in this queue, but having gone as a journalist on the ground twice, I can tell you it's hard. Really hard. And REALLY bloody expensive.
For web good enough to do the webcast you'd need to tap into the ASO-provided connection - about $US6,000.
Accreditation on it's own is about $US4000.
So that's $US10,000 at least before you start.
Then, flights: $US2,000
Car space (use the ASO transport is convenient but gets you no stage access for photos etc), so get your own media-car hired and accredited = $2000 (at a bare minimum).
About $70 a day for fuel. 70*15 = $1050.
Accommodation for non-bivouac days (start and finish) $300.

All up, you're looking at $15,000 to get something going. Oh, and if you want to get global digital rights to the feed provided by the ASO add another $250,000.

So basically, even for something like web coverage with results, photos, video interviews and reports, you'd need two people with video accreditation, you'd be at $30,000 before you even began.

If that $30,000 should ever appear I'd like to apply for one of the positions, and I'd write a book to be printed and sold after the event. (I've written one and co-written three already but not about the Dakar).
Of course, there are plenty of people on F5 who would also love the gig and deserve it for what they put into this site already, so if you guys do get the $$ up, I think it would be great coverage. God knows I'd tune in, I'd even pay a subscription fee for it.
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