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Originally Posted by iWander View Post
I put GP1 tires on both of my DR650s and a KLR250. Fantastic tire for both road and trail. I'll be trying them on the R2 as soon as I wear out the Kendas.

Something else I've found that works well are Dyna Beads. Over the years I've used lead, Slime, Ride-On, and now Dyna Beads. I was pretty skeptical about the beads, but I spent a weekend running tests with the same tire/rim combo and there was no more room for doubt. Way out of wack with no compensation, decent with lead, smooth as glass with both Ride-On and Dyna Beads.
I recently had Pirelli Scorpion Pro Enduro f/r on my new WRR. The Pirelli's are pretty much as aggressive as you can get and still be DOT approved. Instead of traditional balancing, I had approx 3 oz of beads installed along with "Lite-lock" rimlocks. I've only had her up to 70 MPH, but the new tires at 15 PSI feel pretty much as smooth as the OEM Trailwings.
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