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Originally Posted by tHEtREV View Post
To be honest, I think you would be better of with a CRF with one of the other kits on it (Mecasytems or HT), a WR kitted with a J-vo kit or even a KTM450r.

What rallye did you want it for?
Exactly. What's the point? ... unless you have the speed and skill to make it work the way it's designed to work. Why bother. Better off staying with your DR650 if you like to do bike miles on the cheap. That's what I do. I used to race ... but can no longer do that. I still have fun ... and my bike NEVER breaks down.

It's going to take Honda a few years and lots of rallies worldwide to catch up to KTM in this sort of competition. But they can do it if the money is there ... and if the big boys at Honda stay with it.

Once Yamaha and Honda get up to speed it might not be so good for KTM and BMW(Husky). BMW can spend their way to success ... but KTM? now in the hands of Bajai, cannot for do this for long. But Honda won't crush them ... they need them to be in the market.

I would not be surprised to see Honda produce a "wanna be" road legal repli-racer copy of the rally racer.

I'm sure this first racer is primitive and flawed .... and I doubt Honda put everything they have into it. They never want to come on too strong. They need the competition to survive ... only to show the world how superior they are ... when they really want to be superior.
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