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Originally Posted by El Chapulín Colorado View Post
Sure wish we could get maloryII to write about his LR3
I definitely will. Finally settling in after my move.

Superlative truck. It deserves its on Shiny Things thread for sure -- primarily because it will sleep two 6'-6'3" males comfortably without any modification whatsoever.

Perfect example: right now. I live in Tacoma WA but I date girls/hang out with friends in Seattle. I like drinking to excess but can't/won't drive drunk. So here's my routine: drive to Capitol Hill (SEA), find a quiet side street to park, fold the seats flat (10 seconds), lay out my matress pad, sleeping bag, and pillows and then go hit the town.

Several hours later, drunk as fuck, I stumble back to my LR3 aka Camper and crawl into my sleeping bag (if I haven't been invited elsewhere, if ya know what I mean). Not stuffed in like you'd imagine sleeping in a car; but all comfy and good to go (I'm 6'2"). Lying on my back I can't even get close to touching the headliner with my arm. I'm doing it as we speak -- typing this out on my iPad (3G although I could steal the wireless from the Sbucks down on Roy Street). I've got my shirt/pants on a hangar and even have a cooler with some juice & couple pieces of fruit/yogurt waiting for me in the morning.

But you know what the best part is? I won't even have to K-turn this bitch tomorrow morning. The steering radius is like ~35 feet.

For the ADV crew -- you can stuff an inflatable full size air mattress in the back and still have more headroom than a tent and ALMOST as much headroom as a single axle pop-up. The LR3 will tow 15 motorcycles and give you about the same mpg as any fullsize diesel

Plus it's a fucking Land Rover. Questions regarding the LR3's off road prowess in 100% stock form on 28" or whatever tires should be directed to YouTube. This truck has way better geometry than any fuckin' JKU or FJCruiser... and trying sleeping in the back of one of those.

The AJV8 is a real motor. A real motor. And it doesn't break. The only weak spot on the LR3 are thermostats (cheap, easy) and the front control arm bushings. As long as you buy the control arms yourself and have the dealer replace those (vice paying them to remove/install bushings that require the blood toil tears and sweat of twenty men) you're good to go. The ability to legitimately sleep COMFORTABLY in a vehicle that is A) a Land Rover, B) extremely capable in a 4x4 setting, C) capable of hauling my entire life in a Uhaul (~6000lbs or so) and, perhaps most importantly to me as a single guy: C) sexy/status symboly enough to some sorority broad I'm trying to lay ---- that's a pretty fucking sweet combo. You're not checking those boxes in an Econoline, a Winnebago, an FGaycruiser, or an F350 Lariat.

And they're cheap. RIDICULOUSLY cheap for what you get. Good 2006-2008s are down in the high teens.

Whelp, see you guys tomorrow morning!
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