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Originally Posted by racermx66 View Post
Just got back from the show and didn't think it was bad. The Ducati girls and the girls around the Moto GP bikes had to be the hottest girls I EVER saw. Actually liked looking at the custom bikes, which there were a lot of them. Saw a small booth with Aprillias in it, but it was so small, about four bikes, you could walk by it without noticing them.
Did you catch the Ducati apparel fashion show? I saw for or five really sweet little bob jobs. One built with an XS650 and skinny tires that actually looked rideable. (By the main Ducati booth, IIRC)
The steam punk Harley that was in the Moto Art booth was pretty interesting too.

On the whole though, I find the Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction a lot more appealing. What can I say? I'll take a '74 Alpina still in a crate over a GSXRYZRDS 600 any day, but that's just me.

Still, the Ducati girls are nice.
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