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Originally Posted by Dr. Zaius View Post
1. Does anyone know if the pikes peak edition comes with heated grips?
2. Is this a bike you can put loads of miles on and still sleep at night knowing she is not secretly trying to self detonate in the garage as you sleep?

I am really eyeing this as my next bike. I am coming from a bmw GS that I rode 99.9% on twisting paved roads and used for day/short touring events. I put on about 8,000 miles a year and with the bmw I never really cared how many miles I piled on it. I understand the 15k service interval but wanted some real info from owners that are racking up the miles on a 2010-2013 multistrada.
Thanks for your help.
I can't comment on the new ones or the skyhook suspension. I have an early 2010 model. There were some well documented early teething pains- reflashes, pannier latches, fueling issues... Surprisingly I never really had any real complaints about the fueling after the initial 600 mile service. The biggest issue I had was needing a new shock ecu for the ohlin suspension when I had the DES preload error thing. Nothing ever stopped me from riding or was I ever stranded anywhere. I changed the oil at about 3500 miles, but other than that have just followed the factory recs - 7500,15000,22500,30000. I changed the chain and sprockets at about 28500 miles when the chain developed a tight spot. That's it. Currently at about 33500. I'd ride it anywhere without worry. The only thing I would change on the bikes is the scorpion trails, unless you like fixing flats.
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