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Originally Posted by Irish769 View Post
I'm still waiting for my bike.....I'm starting to get a little PO'd. I have a pocket full o' cash but my dealer keeps saying "I'll call my distributor today to see what's up..." This is from one of the huge all-brands powersports dealerships I have bought from several times so I feel like I should wait it out due to some loyalty I guess. I could probably go across town to a Honda dealership and pick one up today and pay a little more. I have a bunch of stuff already purchased for this bike in a box in my wife thinks I'm an fookin eejit.

Originally Posted by SAPB View Post
I had to wait nearly 12 weeks after putting 10% down for the 2nd one my dealer got. I missed the first one.

We waited months after being on the list waiting for our LRP...

Go get yours if you can, if one dealer has one and one can't get one why should you wait?...
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