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Originally Posted by daveburton View Post
Rescue Wagon, you seem to be technically competent in the field, do you believe that using Lithium Ion batteries is a logical and reliable improvement.

Based on what I have read it looks great on paper, light and holds charge for long periods which helps for long trips when the bike gets stored for months.

Are the batteries called Lithium Ion, LION or what. Is there an official acronym.

Just want to make sure there are not 2 separate technologies that are getting confused.

thanks dave
LION = Lithium Ion

My experience with them is that they are lighter and smaller for the same amount of output as other battery types which is why you find them in iPods and Smartphones. They won't develop a memory like some batteries can and they are capable of being charged and discharged numerous times with little issues.

The downside is they typical only good for two to three years and that time starts from when the battery is manufactured, so it seems like a very expensive investment when you look at the price of the LION motorcycle batteries.

My setup is two traditional batteries, battery isolator, and battery tender to be able to camp at night and insure in the morning my bike will start and all my accessories will be connected to the second battery as well, so once the bike is turned off if I leave my Ham Radio on it will only be able to drain the second battery and not the starting battery.
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