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I guess it just depends where you live, here in Texas they are available and I had no problem in getting one and didn't have to wait. Here in the DFW area after visiting different dealers and looking at the bike, sometimes they would have one and then at other times they wouldn't, but if I wanted one they could get one pretty quick if I was a buyer. Since I have been buying my bikes from the dealer in Georgetown, Texas (by Austin) when I called them they said that they just had sold the one on the floor, but had another in their warehouse and could have it ready by tomorrow. This is a mega dealer and said that sales we good on this bike, but they were available from Honda at their local distributor at the present time so how many did I want. I think what you will find is that dealers in general have to submit to their manufacture on how many bikes (models) they want for that selling year and that's what bikes you will be allowed from them. That is if your planing potential is 12 CRF250L's for the year, that's what you are going to get, 12. This is why some dealers will deal better then others, because they know how many they will get from Honda, if you under estimate sales on said bike you will probably hold your prices higher. Remember this, the bigger mega dealers can twist Honda's arm a lot more then a small low volume dealer can, the result is more of the popular model bikes for him, thus he can get some of Honda's over runs where others dealers can't. Remember the whole world is running on projected sales.
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