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I ended up with a new Shoei Neotech at a very good price from the NY Honda/Yama guys. Great Price!

I picked up a new battery tender for my bike so I can now leave both bikes plugged in. As far as the gadgets go, I was disappointed. The Go Pro video like cameras Ghost and Drifter models were cool but I just couldn't justify the cost AND a new helmet to the Wife.

They had some Vanson and Belstaff gear for sale. The Adaptiv guys had a neat hi viz jacket the lights up due to a battery powered lumenencet (sp?) tape. Think of timex day glo watch lighting. Plenty of pleather and patches for the Pirate crowd. Even the states promoting tourism were down. It's definitely better than some of the KelMar shows but just seems every year I go, I'm disappointed by the vendors. I wonder if the other shows out of state have a bigger turnout by the vendors. It's a shame, because there was just as many riders there as last year.
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