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Originally Posted by Franck B View Post
That was definitely a very wise move to swap the F800 for this handy pink offroader . In any case THE PINK OFFROADER HAS WAY BETTER KNOBBIES THAN ANY BIKE OF THE NORWAY DELEGATON
Trailwinger F800 with metal cases on the BAM ?? This triggers immediately in my mind Rick, who started the trip with Terry and Cole and had to quit after a few dozen miles struggling offroad.... But Vikings are super duper tough...letīs wait and see...
I beg you a pardon sir..... but a few years ago Colebatch and Teebee ride the BAM with TonyP who also had metal boxes on his stock Dakar, add to that a very beautifull age and he managed to finish the trip .
You know the strength does not always stay in a phisical shape but more in an indomitable will.
Don't get me wrong i'm not an adept of metal boxes in fact i think i am exactly oposite but i also belive that the rider is much much more important than the mount.

In some other way i must admit that i'm an 800 owner so i'm also interested in how it performed the task even if i know from the begining that is not the right bike for the task.

Astonishing rr keep it going guys.
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