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Mostly a test to see if I can get pics to work.

Your photos do not appear in your post.

You need to copy and paste into your post on ADVrider an HTML link to the photos.

This HTML link will refer the browser to the web page where your photos are hosted.

That will then cause the photos to appear in your post by commanding a user's browser to fetch
the photo from the site where the photo is hosted. Depending on which site you use
to host photos the specific instructions to do this will vary, but this is possible to do using virtually
any web site which hosts photos. Note that if you post a photo and it is viewed
many times you may exceed the traffic limit allowed you by the hosting service
and then your photo may not appear any longer because the hosting service
has shut things down.

================================================== ======

Too bad ADVrider is unwilling to host photos. If we all paid a yearly subscription
fee to be members of this site there is no technical or economic reason this could
not be done.

Placing responsibility for photo hosting on the individual users means this problem
of broken photo and / or video links will never quit happening.

I would gladly pay c. $20 per year to support photos being hosted directly
on ADVrider, but along with that I would insist on a higher degree of
accountability in the moderation process, and if that didn't come along with
paying a subscription fee I'd walk away from paying any subscription fee.
As it is now, because it is "free" the mods can and will do anything they like,
with zero accountability. Zero accountability doesn't make for nice behavior
on the part of humans, folks.

To give one example of accountability :

The disappearance of the huge KTM 690 thread, without even so much as an explanation
for why it happened ( I mean an honest and truthful explanation, not obfuscation or lying by
omission of facts ) is a good example of something which would be 100% unacceptable under
a subscription model. As long as the site remains configured as it is, its usefulness and value will
be limited.


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