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[QUOTE=toastmuncher;19110173]Bill, that looks great.

heres a question ref brakes. I am split between running a seperate master cylinder for the sidecar brake or to piggy back it from the rear bike brake and de-link the front brake. What would your input be? Assuming many have de-linked the front, how does the master cylinder cope with two calipers? For those who dont know, the brakes on the california are front left and rear calipers are powered by the rear pedal with the front right being powered by the front lever.

I did get the car wheel, it arrived yesterday. I am on stop, the car wheel for the chair is at the painters with the bodywork, I cannot start setting up without knowing what height the chassis will be at.

Oh, incidentally, the car rear has a 135/15 tyre, the outside diameter is appox 10% smaller in diameter, 595mm in place of 645mm. That should equate to a useful drop in gearing, but, the main reason for my doing this is cheap car tyres.

On My Guzzi / RX4 I kept the linked brakes and connected the chair brake to the front brake, Result I could still use the rear brake to assist steering but if I pulled on both the outfit stopped straight and true. The wasp forks though did have floating discs. On older unit forks with fixed callipers this might give problems
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