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The settings vary from rider to rider, and road to road, and even temperature as the oil thickens in the cold

I have my sweep screws set (3 o'clock?) so the damper isn't restricting turning at full-lock so slow, tight maneuvering isn't damped. This is how they are shipped

Scotts has about 3 full turns on the main(right) adjuster, I find that 2 turns out is a good starting point for pavement. By pulling the black plastic pointer off the knob you can reposition it so it is easy to adjust on the fly. Once I hit the gravel I turn it out about 1/2 turn to increase damping, and in gnarly stuff (esp at speed as in Baja) I turn the knob out more, occasionally to full damping. When you get back onto terra firma turn it back down to your base setting.

On the 950 Adv I run it sub-mounted on the BRP/Scotts upper triple clamp, and have the pointer set so it starts at about 2 o'clock (where it runs into the handlebar clamp) and the "sweet spot" for gravel at about 6 o'clock, and the full damping at 10/11 o'clock. The KLR doesn't require as much damping (I have 2 Scotts dampers) as the Adv.

Contrary to myth deceleration head-shake isn't totally fixed, and tire pressures/suspension setup (or, rather, lack thereof) will continue to introduce it. The damper keeps the oscillating energy from quickly turning into a tank-slapper as an undamped bike would.

Have fun & eat a ton of tacos pescados for me, all washed down by Clara Pacifico- I miss Baja!!! (6 times the full length of the peninsula for me)
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