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Am I just full of crap and searching for something that doesn't exist?

Your self-imposed constraints paint you into a corner, and there are no bikes
waiting in that corner.

Either you have to spend more money than $5K or you have to give up
certain of your "wants" because the intersection of the sets of what you
want and what you can afford is empty. In other words, there are no
bikes which fit all your stated requirements, so either you do without a bike
or you relax some of the requirements so you can actually have a bike.

To me the choice is very obvious : a 650 "Wee" Strom does most of what you
want to do. Of course it won't have problems like a KTM LC8 bike will
( and I OWN an LC8 950 so I know first hand of the various issues with
LC8 bikes ) but on the other hand the Wee will get you down the road just fine
and be cheap to own and operate. The Wee is fast enough, handles well enough,
is reliable, can be bought for a price that works with your budget, and will be easy to
re-sell when the time comes. What's not to like ?

By the way, regardless of price, I wouldn't have any of the Italian bikes you mentioned,
or the Buell, or any of the BMW GS bikes. The big BMW GS in particular is one of the most
over-rated and disappointing bikes I have ever ridden. I got back on my 950 SE after
riding a 1200 GS and the first thing that came into my mind was : "Now THIS is what
a motorcycle should be like !" The BMW is a ponderous overweight sluggish thing,
and the control layout is stupid, and the brakes were over-assisted like a Cadillac
or something. All I can say is that the people who own them must not have ridden
many other bikes, either that or they don't care about how a bike feels while riding it.
The BMW is the two-wheeled equivalent of an SUV which would never ever actually do
any serious off road but pretends to be able to do so. Sure, you can take that pig off road,
but why on earth would you want to ?


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