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Hey guys - I hate to be gone all this time and then need to come back for help but stuff happens.

My nephew and his wife went to Horseshoe Bend this weekend and the dog kennel lost their family dog! If you know anyone in the area or will be in the area at all, can you keep an eye out?? Here are a couple pics of Chewie (the little dog in the pics). These folks are originally from Conway, but my nephew took a job promotion in MS. They were back visiting and this happened. I know I'd be devastated and ready to wring someone's neck over this...but my bigger deal would still be getting my beloved pet (family member) back. This dog has a whole family who loves and fawns over him.

He slipped out of his collar so he doesn't have a contact number on him. He was at a place called Dog Me off HWY 289 in Horse Shoe bend.

They are up there now looking, but even if they have to go back, I'd go get him myself if he is found. Thank you so much for any help you can give.

PS I haven't been ignoring you, I am close to graduating and have been busier than a whore during shore leave.

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